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Prevent Android OS from using internet in the background

Prevent Android OS from using my internet in the background

1. You can install a “Root Firewall” in your mobile – by this you can control the Internet connectivity of all apps (including system apps). They also offer to block only Data connection and not wifi connection for a specific app.
The app I’m using is “AFWall+ (It is a free app) and by the way, this app only works on Rooted android phones.
2. The next option is to Switch Google Backup OFF and your problem will be solved. Follow these steps:
  • Open Photos/ Facebook/ Whatsapp app.
  • From options Goto Settings.
  • Choose Auto Backup and switch the toggle ON or OFF.
3. Fine-tune sync settings – During the initial phone configuration, you probably opted into account syncing. By default, everything is set to sync, including things like photos, the Play Store, and other Google apps. You don’t necessarily need all these items syncing — especially data-heavy ones like photos.
To adjust sync options, head to Settings > Accounts > Google, and select an account. Here, uncheck the boxes next to the items that don’t absolutely need to be synced. Repeat the same process for other accounts.
After that, you can manually sync accounts by visiting their respective apps.
4. Update apps on Wi-Fi only – Head to the Google Play store and tap Menu > Settings > Auto-update apps. Here, be sure that “Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only” is selected. You also have the option to choose “Do not auto-update apps,” but it’s less preferable, since you’ll have to remember to update apps manually.
5. Minimize browser data usage – If Web browsing is the data-hogging culprit, it’s no surprise. Some Web sites have yet to be optimized for mobile, while others eat into data with bulky advertisements.
The simple answer to these woes is data compression. With it, a Web page is first compressed in the cloud before being sent to your phone, significantly reducing the download size. There are some drawbacks, however. First, even though your data is encrypted and anonymized, the browser must still process your activity while it compresses it. Not everyone is comfortable with that.
Secondly, sometimes compression means sacrificing quality, leaving you with slightly altered Web pages.
6. Turn off background data – If you are experiencing an app that is eating up your data in the background, which also eats up your battery, you can turn off background data for each individual app, as noted above. But if there is just too much going on, you can also turn off all background data.
From within Settings -> Data Usage, tap on the menu button in the top right corner, then tap Restrict background data.
And when things get really bad, you can come back to completely turn off cellular data. This is a little bit less restrictive than turning on Airplane mode, but can also be accessed from the quick settings section of your notification shade.
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